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Vishwa Shanti Mission

Peace, an embodiment of Self-realization is akin to our true nature the bliss itself. The inner and outer conflicts arise out of the attraction towards lust and lucre. The need for enlightening the individuals and the society on this front is increasingly felt by one and all considering the growing turmoil and impatience in human relations and imbalances in nature. Imparting the knowledge of secular and spiritual fields is the main goal of our Mission. The various paths for Self-realization are to be integrated in order to evolve ourselves into the holistic dimension. The specific objectives of our Mission are

  1. To extend Social, Cultural, Educational and Spiritural Institutions / Services to wider areas through various means viz., Publication of Literature, Satsangs, Seminars etc.
  2. To enlighten the people of the esoteric knowledge and practices through the establishment of Veda-Vidyalayams and Gurukul system of education.
  3. To organize spiritual retreats, Prasad distribution and establishing a foundation for solving various disharmonies in the society.
  4. To extend medical facilities / extention knowledge through various institutions.
  5. To help people during natural calamities.
  6. To propagate spiritual culture within the Country and Abroad
  7. To encourage and develop research facilities in the various temporal and spiritual disciplines.
  8. To establish Gow-shallas and encourage good breed of milch cattle and to undertake various animal welfare activities.
  9. To establish orchards, flower and vegetable production for the requirement of inmates.
  10. To renovate the old temples and help in the resurgence of spiritual culture.


Our Mission is helping in preserving the peace culture in the society by undertaking various programmes on meditation, selfless services in various fields and teaching the basic tenets of spirituality. The vast literature available in the spiritual domain is preserved for posterity and dissemination for larger good.


For the sublime cause of serving God in all forms, all are beseeched to take active participation in transforming ourselves individually and collectively, evolving a society of peace and enlightenment.


  • Vishwa Shanti Mission is rendering Health, Social, Cultural, Educational, Economic, Disaster management and Spiritual development services in collaboration with Institutions and organizations to reach wider population.
  • It is extending medical facilities/agricultural extension services through various institutions, besides encouraging and developing research facilities in the various temporal and spatial disciplines.
  • It is taking initiatives in preserving the knowledge which is documented in scriptures/books etc., and also un-documented knowledge by making documentary films and multi-media etc,.
  • The Mission's noble work of preserving and making available to the people at large the precious treasure of knowledge that is available in various scriptures is being supported by various organizations and Government.
  • The Mission has taken steps to collect and collate the knowledge from all the institutes of higher learning and Universities by contacting authorities of various Universities, Libraries and Research labs in its endeavor to preserve and disseminate knowledge to the people.
  • The Mission is collaborating with institutes of excellence such as IIIT Hyderabad besides Universities, Manuscripts Division of Govt. of India etc, In a phased manner Our Mission is going to collect and collate knowledge in these areas and team up with language experts for translation and value addition for subsequent dissemination through various channels such as internet, multi-media, books etc.,

Spiritual Content

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